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Quality - do something properly, even when no one sees.

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Quality Innovation Solution

Innovation is what separates a leader from a follower.

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Quality Innovation Solution

There are no unsolvable problems for us - only solutions

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We are professionals in strategy and creative solution of business problems.

• Implementation of ISO standards in enterprises

Management system standards - are strategic tools and guidance that help organizations to solve problems and challenges in today's competitive business. They provide maximum efficiency of business operations and processes, increase productivity and help organizations expand into new markets.

• Sales management

Sales management - is something that should worry every CEO. If this process is not well established, most of the profits are lost. It involves many aspects of sales, from planning to motivating managers. And everything should work like a clock. For more efficient management, it is possible and necessary to connect automated services that will take over the routine. This will greatly untie the manager's hands, so there will be time for the further development of the business.

• IT solutions

The use of applied IT solutions to promote a company or product on the worldwide network, for e-commerce, for cybersecurity, to increase productivity and efficiency in the business.

• Organizational diagnostics

Diagnostics involves a comprehensive examination of the organization in order to identify and assess the problems that hinder the development of the organization. Such problems include: contradictions in the management structure, problems of "horizontal" communications, contradictions in relations with the external environment, various obstacles in achieving goals, interpersonal conflicts, ambiguities in goals, connections, standards.

• E-marketing

If your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business. If you understand your presence on the Internet only in the form of having your own website or profile on a social network, then you are wrong, and your business viability is by no means guaranteed. The fact is that your profile or website is just something like a boat in the ocean of business, in order to sail not enough boat, you need paddles. And those paddles are marketing.

• Automation

Automation of processes using technical means and mathematical methods to free a person from labor-intensive operations: this can be automation of accounting and management using ERP systems, the introduction of programs to improve customer service, optimization of internal work and the relationship between various services, sales management, systematization of information about clients.

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«Arassa Nusga» will help solve serious problems of modern business. Today we help companies of all levels and different industries improve the way they work and organize their business processes.
How to create technology in business?
Lack of business process technology is at the root of 85% of the problems identified in consulting companies. We will help you identify and optimize business processes.


What clients are saying about us...

"Arassa Nusga" in 2020 managed to prepare a financial instrument for FE "Nurakar", which includes all types of potential costs. This tool has significantly accelerated our work, which allowed to make purchasing decisions faster and more successfully.
"Arassa Nusga" has successfully satisfied requests for the creation of a website markur.com.tm in three languages: Russian, Turkmen, English. The website allows customers to purchase our products both online and by phone.
"Arassa Nusga" in 2020 performed electronic marketing services, in particular, the promotion of our products in the market of Turkmenistan through the Internet. This opened up the opportunity to enter new sales markets for the b2b sector.





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